We are followers of Jesus. He is the focus of everything we do here and we worship Him as Lord and Savior.  Our purpose here at Newtown Christian Church is to, simply, preach the Bible as the Word of God and to honor Christ as Lord and Head of His Church.  We strive to be Christians, by building a strong foundation in Him.


I hope you will find us a group of normal, relatable people, who share the same struggles and joys as you do.  We don't claim to be perfect, but we do claim to be forgiven in Christ, and our hope is renewed daily by His promise of salvation.

Led by faith, we hope to be bold because of the confidence that we have in the strength of God.  Taking our example from the love shown by Jesus Christ, we strive to love in that same manner. We share the good news of Jesus with others, because the importance that it holds is essential to our salvation.